Aquarium decorations and the reason behind it

 Are aquarium decorations needed?

A question we get asked a lot is about aquarium decorations. After all, if the reason of having fish is to watch them then why would you put aquarium decorations in the way? Rocks, fake plants, driftwood and the like are all important features in any tank. It is about more than just the look of it, more important is what it provides for the fish.

   These decorations give the fish a feel of security. Fish like the shelter that the decorations provide, especially at night. Fish do the same thing in the wild, hiding from natural predators and other bigger fish that might snack on them. So having places to hide keeps the stress in fish down especially with a fully stocked tank. Usually you want to have 1 fish for every 5-10 gallons of water in the tank, assuming they are sized properly. Stocking a tank this high will require constant maintenance and water changes.

What are other uses for the decorations in the aquariums?

  • They can be used to cover unsightly tubing, pumps or cords around the back of the tank.
  • Provide cover from other fish and break the “line of sight”. 
  • Give the aquarium a feel of natural beauty, especially when using live plants.


aquarium decorations

At the FISH Guy we can always help with decorations!


   What kind of scenescape would you like? We can make it happen! Aquarium beauty is a large motivation for keeping on top of the great world of fish. Like any other kind of creature, fish require constant care and attention. We can also bring in live rock, coral, sand, plants and anything else your fishtank needs. Our eye for detail will bring your vision to life. With the benefits of regular service are going to give you piece of mind to relax and enjoy the awesome aquarium. Here is more info from Wikipedia about aquarium decorations.

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  1. I didn’t know that rocks, coral, and other accessories gave the fish a sense of security. I always thought it was used to fill space and make the aquarium look good. I have a couple fish tanks at home and will have to look into getting some things to fill them with.

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