Sacramento commercial lobster tanks

commercial lobster tank

   Commercial crab & lobster tank maintenance for Sacramento restaurants!

   Crab and lobster are both crustaceans and are some of the most common seafood options in the world. In most cases these are seen as a delicacy and the Fish Guy is proud to be able to setup and maintain commercial lobster tanks so that you can focus on running an amazing business! We have setup dozens of saltwater lobster & crab tanks in restaurants and can always help with your new crustacean venture!

What kind of saltwater lobster tank?

The size of the aquarium that you need will depend on what you are keeping in it and how many of each. Typically we want to aim at around 1 lb of stock per 2 gallons of water. Most restaurants will pick one type of creature to keep but mixed tanks (with crab) are also common.. maintaining a commercial lobster and crab tank is much like maintaining a reef tank: consistent levels of salinity and trace elements are crucial for healthy and tasteful crustaceans, all while keeping the harmful waste to a minimum.

Just like for our saltwater reef aquariums, we use only the best salt and RO/DI water for our clients. We do not charge extra for water testing and always include fresh carbon! Filtration is a key element to healthy lobster aquariums for commercial use especially since they are seeing a large volume of life that is always changing and are usually largely ignored.

seafood lobster tank

Sacramento has some of the best live seafood options! However, lack of maintenance means a lot of this potential is lost.. at the Fish Guy we can keep the mortality rate low and keep your crab and lobster healthy in long term aquarium setups that are quiet and reliable.

  We regulate the bacteria colony and provide regular water changes as well as UV and chillers as a standard on all commercial tanks. If you are located around Sacramento and have a restaurant or market that has live seafood or lobsters, give us a call so we can help provide you with elite service! We use the best salt on the market to maintain your aquarium and holding tanks, plus years of experience with aquaculture.