We also clean outdoor ponds!

We clean ponds and fountains!

    Officially starting this summer, The Fish Guy is proud to announce the addition of pond cleaning to our lineup! We have been cleaning a number of ponds for a few years, but due to overwhelming demand we are now taking a bigger step to announce and advertise this addition..

   If you have an outdoor pond or fountain in the Sacramento area, we would love to help! We can do the setup and install on a new pond, or cleanout and update an existing pond. Ponds are great for a number of reasons and add value to your home and property, but must be maintained! Here at The Fish Guy we have spend over a decade dedicated to cleaning home aquariums and turtle tanks... now we just add another dynamic to our company and can proudly service your pond. We take care of natural ponds as well as wildlife and koi ponds. Planted ponds are also very popular in our northern California area.

Call us anytime for a free quote. Whether you are in Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Sacramento, Davis, Elk Grove or anywhere in between, we can help! We serve most of Placer, Sacramento, Yolo and El Dorado counties and anywhere within a short distance of these places. Our pond cleaning maintenance services will be the last you ever need! We bring all the tools needed to fully repair, maintain and clean your outdoor pond or fountain.


Common Pond Advice and Tips:

  • We typically use the highest grade and thick rubberized liners for new installs;
  • Koi ponds should start at a minimum 400 gallons;
  • Avoid overfeeding which is the #1 root cause for algae and water problems;
  • Semi-annual drain and clean is the best way to maintain the healthiest pond;
  • Water lillies, taro and iris are all great starter plants for a new pond;
  • Waterfalls and fountain features increase the oxygen in the water;