Our Approach

We take a different approach to aquariums: Instead of 'band-aiding' problems we strive to fix the real issues and help with a wide variety of long term goals. We are able to create a beautiful slice of nature right in your home using the years of vast knowledge we have acquired. Fish need attention and care just as any other animal does. Water quality & changes are by far the most important things regarding aquariums, and here at the FISH Guy we do it all - large volume water changes and filter cleaning without impacting the health of the micro-organisms and beneficial bacteria. 

Whether its saltwater or freshwater, we can take care of you! We also build and move custom aquarium stands, tanks, pumps/sumps and entire reefs. From maintenance, to moving, and even emergency FISH care, we are the one-stop-shop for all your fish needs.

We provide free water testing whenever needed! This way we can know the true health of your tank. We use only RO/DI water for all saltwater tanks which is another crucial and important thing that can be easily overlooked. Our dedication to giving you a long-lasting fish habitat and our skills are second to none, we are proud to be your elite choice for aquarium maintenance!

Our History

 We are proud to be a local, family-owned business that serves everyone around the Sacramento area. Started back up again in 2014, our FISH service has literally helped thousands of tanks. We have an ongoing passion for helping create and maintain stunning and realistic underwater displays. 


Our Approach

Our Story

   What We Support:

Each month 5% of our total income is donated to in an effort to help our nation's rivers and wetlands. Fish need a healthy habitat and the only way is to limit pollution into our local waterways and canals. We are proud to support this charity and we thank everyone for enabling us to be a part of this adventure.


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We can do services for you anytime if you are located in the greater Sacramento area. We clean and maintain fish tank aquariums even if it is 1 time or 100 times!

Repeat customers build up credit for discounts on future visits.