Moving & relocation

No matter where you go, FISH Guy can help get you there! We specialize in transporting all size tanks, we can move you into a new spot and set the tank up all in the same day!

We only use pure "0" TDS RO/DI water for all saltwater aquariums!

Cleaning & Maintenance

Our fish aquarium cleaning includes algae scrapping, coral scrubbing, filter changing/cleaning, water changes, sump cleaning, and safety tips on tank care. Water changes are usually between 20%-50% each service!

Free Water Tests!

Vacations & Emergencies

When something critical happens it can be nice knowing you always have a source nearby! At The FISH Guy we strive to cure all the problems or take care of an idle vacation tank.

Let us know what you need.

Phone estimates are FREE!

Reputation for service

      Our standards are very high and we provide only top tier service to our clients, all without having to up-sell you things you don't need. We specialize in aquarium design so we can always design a custom tank for you too! Our fish aquarium cleaning and maintenance ensures you never have a dirty tank again. Typically most tanks are serviced monthly, although larger or complex setups usually need a bi-weekly service. We can also move and relocate existing tanks, plus we can deliver new landscapes and fish to any aquarium..

Call for a free estimate: 530-687-2712


Our costs are balanced

Here at the FISH Guy, we can provide just about anything extra with your service upon request; stuff like new hardware, fish, backgrounds, decorations, coral, etc. The best part is we don't mark up the costs! Because we don't have a storefront, we can keep costs low. Contact us today to setup a service so we can help with your fish tank!


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